🇮🇹 Get a FREE Topping when ordering directly with us 🤤
🇮🇹 Get a FREE Topping when ordering directly with us 🤤
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A true taste of Italy — authentic and fresh restaurant meals delivered to your doorstep.


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Freshly made Pasta. Every serving is topped with a whole burrata (unless a vegan option is requested)


Gluten-Free Bread option available (+$2).


All burrata bowls come with a side of farro. Gluten-Free quinoa option available (+$2).


We have sourced the best products from the best producers in Italy for your enjoyment.

Here at Burrata House™ we only work with suppliers who share our principles — the pursuit of excellence, the careful promotion of Italian products and the constant search for quality.

The philosophy of Burrata House™ relies on the simplicity of fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, the quality of Italian food with family and friends.

A food concept proudly supported by Di Stefano Cheese.

Our food-truck is a Piaggio “Ape-Car” fitted out as mobile kitchen for cooking and selling food made by the Italian company VS Veicoli Speciali.


Get a FREE BURRATA when you order directly.

Select “Burrata (FREE PROMO) from the menu. Only 1 per order, subject to a $30 min order ;)  

Limited time offer, hurry up!!

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Food is amazing and the prices are very reasonable. There was an error with their free burrata promo code through chow now, and I'm pretty sure the owner himself called me to apologize. Love when businesses take the time to do stuff like that, especially in a time like this. So happy to support an awesome small business right now and gorge myself on burrata at the same time. Go check it out!!

Cody H.

If you're looking for a healthy meal yet freshly prepared for you on spot Burrata House is the place to go! From delicious sandwiches and salads this restaurant is the perfect spot. We checked out this restaurant couple weeks ago and we knew we had to try it out. Being burrata lovers, our expectations coming in was very high. The cashier went over the menu step by step and explained every dish and told us we could customize however we wanted it to. Once we ordered everything was freshly prepared in front of us. I would highly recommend this place!

Wallace R.

Burrata is never going out of style. This spot is so cute and great for a filling lunch full of cheese. I loved the pasta bolognese. The burrata melts into the sauce and is literally the creamiest, most delicious thing in the world. Caprese panini was also delish. Don't sleep on Burrata House. Go now!!

Izabella R.


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