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News from Burrata House ℠

This massive new Valley food hall is packed with some of L.A.’s best restaurants

Burrata House® and other L.A. restaurants, pop-ups and bars are now open in Canoga Park’s new food hall — with more to come!

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Not in Italy This Summer? Dine at These 10 Italian Restaurants in LA Instead

Cheese lovers everywhere will be thrilled to visit the newly opened Burrata House® in West Hollywood. This casual and airy eatery is perfect for lunch or meals on the go, and it specializes in paninis, bowls and cold plates that all feature creamy and decadent burrata cheese.

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The new restaurant and bar openings in Austin you should know about.

There are few things in this world better than burrata, and Burrata House® in Mueller seems to know it. The menu features burrata in paninis, over pastas, and in grain bowls, plus in some cold plates that come with smoked meats like prosciutto, cotto, and bresaola. They also have a couple locations in LA, if you’ve recently moved out of the area.  

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LA's Best New Restaurants by DoLA

Italian, authentic, and simple. Burrata House®. may not be 'new' on the scene, but they just opened a new location in West Hollywood and this place was too good not to make this list. This time around, Burrata House℠. has launched a different menu including a gourmet section that is the closest thing to authentic Italian food that you can get with Northern and Southern Italian influence. On a lunch break and looking for a quick bite? We recommend any of the paninis or bowls. If sitting down and hanging out is more your vibe, order a signature pasta bowl.

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We’re Leaving Our Secret LA Stamp Of Approval At Our Favorite Local Businesses

Forget that plane ticket to Italy. Burrata House® is serving up delicious Italian food sourced directly from the motherland while also using locally grown ingredients. Their pasta, sandwiches, and salads are made fresh as you order. Make sure to finish off your meal with their homemade tiramisu.

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Burrata House Spectrum News .png

Burrata House® interviewed by Spectrum TV!

Eat Like a Real Italian at Burrata House® in Culver City

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Burrata in the house

Grand Central Market’s newest stall, which stakes over the former security booth, is called Burrata House®

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Los Angeles Italian Cafe Dedicated to Burrata Opens in Austin

A Los Angeles-based Italian restaurant made its Texas debut in Austin this summer Burrata House® Austin is open at 1201 Barbara Jordan Boulevard, Suite 1280, as of June 19.

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5 Must Try New Restaurants in Austin

Who doesn’t love creamy, gooey burrata? Well, now you can have burrata everything at the newly opened Burrata House® in the Mueller area! From bowls, to paninis, to pastas, they have something for everybody – even gluten free bread and quinoa if that’s your thing!

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Burrata House® Brings Mouth Watering Italian Street Food to Los Angeles

Burrata House® brings tasty Italian foods to people in Los Angeles with their quick service style street eateries, offering a quickly growing fan favorite option for lunch or dinner.

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The Untold Truth Of Burrata House®

Burrata is here, and it is here to stay. Few things have made such an everlasting impact on the food industry as we know it today more so than the Italian cheese that swept the United States just a few short years ago. We've never been known to shy away from a nice, sharp cheddar, or turn down a crumbly goat cheese, but no cheese has held a candle to the allure of burrata.

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Burrata House® will leave you drooling

If you're anything like our team at DoLA, you're obsessed with burrata. This ooey-gooey cheese is made from mozzarella and cream, producing a rich, creamy experience sure to make your tastebuds very happy…

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Burrata House® in Cristopher Magazine

Cristopher Magazine’s goal is to tell, in particular to you, Italians who live scattered all over the world from the United States to Australia or Argentina, what is happening in Italy.

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Burrata House® makes Palms debut

The fresh arrival to Palms, called Burrata House® is located at 3272 Motor Ave

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Dine LA approves Burrata House ℠

“Burrata House® is the perfect reason for a trip to Culver City

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Burrata House® presents HERB Special with CBD from Ojai Energetics

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Golden State Film Festival

Burrata House ℠ Official Sponsor of The Golden State Film Festival at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood

Burrata House®, which just opened their latest location at Hollywood and Highland, will offer a special discount for all festival filmgoers and attendees. Come and check it out!

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Busy Duo Behind Republique Decide Against Opening in Downtown LA

Margarita and Walter Manzke have decided to step away from their planned Downtown Los Angeles restaurant inside the historic Herald Examiner Building, Eater has learned.

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Launching the Celebrity Chef program with Joselyn Davis!

Today we are excited to present our new "Celebrity Chef program" featuring some of the best local Chefs and Celebrities that will create their own signature panini & bowls! This month we have selected our favorite LA-native host and producer @JoslynDavis. Being raised in California, Joslyn came up with a new special that includes avocado as the main ingredient as well as truffle oil (that's because...why not!) using all high-quality and local ingredients. So, make sure to ask for the "Joslyn Special" next time you visit us. The special will available starting from this Saturday for a limited time only!


A Simple Home For A Soft-Hearted Italian Cheese Ball

The menu of gourmet paninis, pasta dishes, and grain bowls featured at Burrata House®, which opened in Palms six months ago.

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Los Angeles Times Burrata House

New pop-up at Grand Central Market!

Burrata House® launched new pop-up location at Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.

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New Italian in Downtown LA

The cheese is creamy, and pairs well with the seasonal tomatoes in the Caprese Bowl…

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