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🎉 Get $7 Off Your First Online Order🧀
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Smoked Salmon & Burrata


If you love real Italian casual food, you must try our Smoked Salmon & Burrata. Containing the goodness of fresh, locally sourced veggies, smoked salmon & Burrata. This panini tastes exactly like the ones you find in Italy. Say goodbye to cooking for the day, and let us serve you this wholesome Italian sandwich.

What ingredients are used in our Smoked Salmon & Burrata?

The basic ingredients for our recipe are Smoked salmon, Italian Ciabatta Bun, Burrata, Italian Extra Virgin olive oil, organic tomatoes, arugula, Salt, and Pepper. Our dishes follow the traditional recipe, to remind you of fresh Italian street food.

Why Burrata House?

We are an authentic Italian restaurant based in Los Angeles, CA. We bring fresh and delightful Italian food to your plates, and your doorstep, to satisfy your cravings.

Fuelled by our passion and love of Italian cuisine, we ensure that you get the taste of authentic Italian food, sitting right at your home in LA. Order a panini today, and enjoy!

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