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Saffron spaghetti and flowers

Saffron spaghetti and flowers

Saffron spaghetti and flowers

Chef: Giorgio Barchiesi (Giorgione)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 min of preparation, 20 min of cooking

Type of Cooking: In a pan or pan

Doses for: 4 people



  1. We boil the water for the pasta and prepare a recipe that combines the delicacy of saffron with a "clash" to make two spaghetti ... I thought of the courgette flowers.
  2. We clean them by depriving them of the lateral growths, the stem and the pistil which we do not like because it is hard and amarotto; we therefore leave only the petals.
  3. At this point we prepare a very delicate base: we chop up a quarter of the Cannara onion and put it in a pan with a knob of butter and a little oil ... minimal doses, let's say! While the butter melts together with the onion and the oil, we chop the courgette flowers, put them in a pan and add a drop of pasta cooking water.
  4. The purists could put some vegetable broth, but I say that there are already many flavors, the vegetable broth would give it more, so only water is fine.
  5. Let it cook a little, lower the heat and in the meantime throw the pasta.
  6. After a few minutes, when the concoction in the pan is almost cooked, we add a round of milk cream, little but necessary because it helps to bind.
  7. At this point the king, the saffron. We put the pistils in a jar, add half a ladle of cooking water, close, shake and he is ready.
  8. Drain the spaghetti al dente and keep them together with the courgette flowers in a pan. Add the saffron (water and pistils), mix well and serve.
  9. Grated Parmesan cheese a trifle, and we guaniamo with two crocuses.
  10. What a little thing fru fru ... mmm ... the saffron aftertaste is incredible ... very balanced !!! Enjoy your meal!!!
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