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🎉 Get $7 Off Your First Online Order🧀
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Essential Information

  • License/Certification: Food safety certification (obtainable online at servsafe.com)

  • Experience: None / Preferably Fast food or fast-casual restaurant experience

  • Key Skills: General numeracy and comprehension skills; customer service and understanding of food service procedures

  • Job Outlook: Possible promotion to supervisor/manager with time. With the possibility to grow into the corporate ranks as the company grows

Role Description

Employees are responsible for receiving customers, welcoming them, helping them decide what to order while answering any possible questions about the menu. They will also prepare the food, which in the case of Burrata House™ is extremely simple and streamlined. Formal education is not required for this job. However, general math and comprehension skills are required. Workers are typically trained on-the-job by experienced employees or managers. Employees must learn about food safety, sanitation, and health regulations. A food handler card or permit is also required.

Our employees are the initial point of contact between customers and the company. They are first and foremost the face of the company. They are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, resolving customer complaints, and addressing any questions or comments that customers may have. Our employees are all trained to perform many tasks. They take customers' orders, assemble the orders, and serve the customer, with a big smile.


Daily duties include making coffee, replenishing supplies and condiments, maintaining inventory and taking food orders, preparing the orders and serving them. Employees must maintain cleanliness in food service areas and throughout the food establishment. Duties may also include notifying managers of any food orders or food shortages.

Some employees may have additional responsibilities, such as operating equipment or preparing ingredients needed for the assembly line.

The company requires availability for events, catering and mobile pop-up locations.


Knowledge of governmental health regulations and food safety is required. Food handling and sanitation knowledge are also vital. Employees must possess the ability to review and understand procedures, and general numeracy and literacy skills are also necessary.

Employees are required to hold a food worker or food handler permit.

Employees must be able to stand in a confined area for most of their work schedule. They must be able to stay alert and be able to exercise quick thinking. The ability to handle pressure and maintain an adequate energy level are skills that may make the job much easier. Employees may work irregular hours, such as evenings, weekends or holidays.

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