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Lozenges with beans and Paganica bacon

Lozenges with beans and Paganica bacon

Lozenges with beans and Paganica bacon

Chef: Giorgio Barchiesi (Giorgione)
Difficulty: Average
Time: 60 min of preparation, 60 min of cooking
Type of Cooking:Boiling
Doses for: 2 people

Ingredients for Lozenges with beans and Paganica bacon

200 g of Solina wheat flour
1 slice of lard
2 cloves of garlic
2 slices of Paganica bacon
Dry chilli
200 g of Paganica beans
Vegetable broth
Extra virgin olive oil


We prepare a classic mixture of water and flour, roll it out and cut it into lozenges. In a saucepan we put a drizzle of oil, two strips of lard and two crushed garlic beaks. We cut two slices of "his majesty" the Paganica bacon: we remove the rind and toss it in the vegetable broth, while the rest we cut it into strips, adding it to the pan together with a little dry chilli. We combine three handfuls of the wonderful Paganica beans already soaked; skip, blend with a trifle of white wine and, when the alcohol has evaporated, cover with the vegetable broth. Let it cook with the lid on for at least 45 minutes. When the beans are ready, we boil the pasta in a separate pan, drain it on the plate and add it to the bean and bacon soup.

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