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According to the reported rankings of  July, it ranks 2nd in the new summer issue of July, the food critics of the "Gambero Rosso" draft and publish a list of the best burrata in Italy. Among the winners, the burrata from the "Fratelli Simone" dairy in Andria emerges - part of the Andria Consortium of Burrata IGP - which ranks 2nd, preceded in ex by Capurso "Gioiella" Dairy Company (Gioia del Colle) and from Caseificio Pugliese "Mozzarella Mia" (Brescia) while at the lowest step, or in 3rd place, is "Posta La Via-Fattoria dell'Opera of Padre Pio" (San Giovanni Rotondo).

Below are reviews from food critics of our burrata:

"The burratina of the "Fratelli Simone", is the sister of the burrata of Andria IGP. Same ingredients: raw milk, cream, rennet, salt, and citric acid. Single  origin of the raw material is collected in Puglia and Basilicata. The same style and palatability of the packaging: the classification flask well worked with the white, smooth and tight wrapping type porcelain closed with a handkerchief, only of smaller size, as well as the delicate scent, the full taste, harmonious and elegant, the aromatic profile fresh lactic, the simplicity and immediacy of the sensations, the excellent persistence Here, too, the wrapping of spun dough is a bit thick but the heart of burrata stracciatella is soft but not soft, as if coagulated, with the right balance between cream and frays of pasta filata.

An excellent result therefore for one of the artisan artisans of Andria who continue to grow this product, which has become one of the flags of our territory at an international level.



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