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Savor Italian-Inspired Dishes at Burrata Italian Kitchen

Savor Italian-Inspired Dishes at Burrata Italian Kitchen

In search of the best Italian cuisine? Then, here is a list of the best Burrata Italian kitchen recipes that will take you to the dreamy and cheesy land of Italy. Some of the yummiest recipes are spicy smoked turkey and Burrata, truffle parma and Burrata, grilled veggies and Burrata, bolognese, pesto, and amatriciana. Let’s delve into the details of these recipes.

Recipes from Burrata Italian Kitchen

Spicy Smoked Turkey and Burrata

Is a spicy and filling meal what you're after? The Spicy Smoked Turkey Panini is the best option! Tender and juicy smoked turkey breast is the star of this dish, which is jam-packed with flavor. Fresh rapini and fiery Calabrian chili are sprinkled on top for an added kick. The handmade Burrata cheese, which is both creamy and flavorful, is the dish's true star, elevating the dish to a whole new level with each taste. If you're craving a spicy dish or want a filling and savory dinner, try our Spicy Smoked Turkey.

Ingredients: Burrata cheese, spicy smoked turkey breast, fresh rapini, and Calabrian chili are stuffed into a ciabatta bread. Indulge in the irresistible blend of rich and spicy flavors.

Truffle Parma and Burrata

After trying the Truffle Parma & Burrata sandwich, you might end up loving it even more. From caramelized onions and truffle spread to Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, it's jam-packed with the best and freshest ingredients. And it wouldn't be complete without our delicious Burrata! If you're in the mood for something quick and Italian, this sandwich is a great choice. If you're hosting a party but don't feel like cooking, purchase a big order of these Italian paninis. Your intimate gathering is sure to be a smashing success thanks to the prosciutto, truffle, and burrata!

What are the ingredients of the Smoked Salmon and burrata dish?

With their Truffle Parma & Burrata sandwich, the chefs at the best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles use only the finest ingredients like Burrata, truffle spread, caramelized onion, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. You won't believe how good these ingredients are together!

Grilled Veggies and Burrata

For all those vegans and vegetarians out there, Burrata Italian Kitchen’s Grilled Veggies Burrata is the ideal dish. It's packed with the goodness of colorful veggies. The heart-warming flavors of this nutritious dish will fill you up and nourish your body. There would be no mistaking the genuineness as soon as you bit into it. For those times when you don't know what to munch on, dig into our veggie bowl, which is completely Italian.

Ingredients: Field greens, grilled organic zucchini and eggplants from a nearby farm, organic tomatoes, arugula, and farro are the main components of this salad, which is topped with extra virgin olive oil from Italy. In order to keep the meals' genuine Italian flavor, we stick to traditional recipes.


Are you feeling like some authentic Italian pasta? Everything you need is Burrata House's bolognese spaghetti. Our dish's fresh and genuine flavor will transport you to any region of Italy where pasta is a staple.

The classic pasta dish that everyone loves is made from: Red wine, stock, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, pepper, bresaola, pork, beef, carrots, celery, yellow onions, tomatoes, and a plethora of other authentic ingredients are what give our bolognese pasta its signature flavor.


Do you want to brighten someone's day a bit more? Make mealtime exciting with Delicious Pesto Pasta and indulge in a dish of our Signature Pesto Pasta to savor the benefits it offers. As a satisfying lunch or dinner option, this creamy pasta is ideal for indulging throughout the middle of the day. An order of pesto pasta is a safe bet on days when you're craving real Italian cuisine.

Ingredients: Fresh basil, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese, garlic, almonds, and extra virgin olive oil from Italy are the main components in our pesto pasta, which is then seasoned with salt and pepper. Our food is as genuine as it gets, taking inspiration from the spaghetti you'd find in any Italian restaurant.


Our Amatriciana is here, a tribute to understatement. Classically prepared in Italy, our Amatriciana strikes the ideal mix between savory elements with its crispy bacon and acidic tomato sauce. In the culinary showdown of Arrabiata vs. Amatriciana, our Amatriciana stands out with flavors that are at once familiar and exotic. We finish our Amatriciana with a dusting of chili flakes for an additional kick. It's guaranteed to fulfill your desires and make you feel content.

Ingredients: Crispy bacon and tomato sauce are the main ingredients, but the finished meal seems to have more. Finish everything off with a sprinkle of chili flakes.


At Burrata Italian Kitchen, you'll go on a culinary adventure where every dish is a work of art influenced by the essence of Italy. Our cuisine is a savory ode to genuine tastes, from traditional pasta dishes topped with creamy sauces to sumptuous desserts. Experience the true flavor of Italy with every mouthwatering morsel.


What distinguishes the pasta at Italian restaurants in la?

Our pasta is distinguished by its authenticity, which is achieved via the use of traditional Italian techniques and the best, freshest ingredients.

Is there a vegetarian option on the menu?

Yes, our menu includes a variety of exquisite vegetarian dishes, offering a great experience for all palates.

Can I make bookings for particular events or occasions?

Reservations are always appreciated for any special occasion or event, providing a wonderful dining experience at Burrata Italian Kitchen.

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