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Italian Food: The Typical Dishes of Each Region

Italian Food: The Typical Dishes of Each Region

Tortellini Emilia Romagna

Tortellini is a stuffed pasta with ham, mushrooms, or meat that is perfect with broth or rag. 

But do you know why theyre shaped this way? There is a legend in the 1200's that states a young and beautiful woman arrives at an inn. Then the owner of the inn accompanies the woman to her room and was deeply attracted by her beauty and spied on her from the key lock. He was particularly interested in the navel of the woman. So when preparing dinner, the man remembers that wonderful image and tries to recreate the shape of the navel with the dough, and then decides to fill the dough of meat. 

Carbonara  Lazio

If you are planning a weekend in the Italian capital, you can't miss out on a good carbonara dish! Eggs and bacon are the key ingredients for an excellent carbonara dish, along with pecorino cheese and pepper. Beware of imitations! No cream, no onion, no garlic, and no butter, please!

Pizza Campania

If you want to follow the traditions, try the original pizza, characterized by the three colors of the Italian flag. The red from the tomato, white from the mozzarella and green from the basil -- it's called Margherita!

In any case, there are various types of pizza, each with different and very good ingredients, but please don't order a pineapple pizza it's not very popular in Italy!


Orecchiette e Rape Puglia

This is a dish that combines goodness, simplicity, and lightness! Turnips are paired with hand-made pasta that resembles the shape of small ears, which is where the name "orecchiette" originated. In the 1500s, the preparation of the "recchjtedd" (orecchiette) was considered a dowry for girls!


Arancini  Sicily

If you are planning to spend the summer in Sicily, you cannot give up the arancini -- rice balls with rag, peas, and cheese that are breaded and fried! But this dish has a very ancient dispute -- arancino or arancina? Male or female? The answer depends on the city and its shape. In the Palermo area, they are called arancine (female) and have the shape of a ball, which resembles an orange. However, in the area of Catania, they are called arancini (therefore masculine) and have the shape of a drop.


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