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How to Combine Burrata: a Versatile Food for Tasty Recipes

How to Combine Burrata: a Versatile Food for Tasty Recipes

A creamy and tasty filling that expands softly at the first cut of the pasta filata, burrata is a portion of delicious and prized food, the result of a highly experienced artisan processing, ideal to be consumed alone or to be combined with different foods to create unique dishes, and to make the taste buds feel intoxicated. The first rule is to choose quality burrata, like those from Puglia—an excellence of our territory and a symbol of Italy in the world.

One of its most well-known and favorite variations is the tasting of simple burrata, without seasonings, or maybe just a drizzle of oil. The Apulian tradition, which originated and developed in the Murge territories, also has adapted over time to the most current culinary needs, thus giving rise to sublime combinations in terms of taste.

Here then we discover the truffle burrata, smoked and with chives, for [RS3] an intense and at the same time refined taste. Thanks to all these variations, it is possible to combine the Apulian burrata with different ingredients to invent new and original recipes.

Apulian burratas main ingredients

Since the burrata is delicious as it is, without any addition, when accompanied by other high-quality raw materials it generates a real explosion of flavor. A first and delicious combination allows you to taste a bruschetta in a superfine way.

This is the combination of burrata and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea two unsurpassed delights that blend at the first bite for divine pleasure. Then there are the classic pairings with raw ham, rigorously sweet, dried tomatoes or aubergines, or other Apulian specialties.

A more refined alternative, which follows the fish-dairy theme, is the combination of shellfish with the soft cream of stracciatella di burrata a sublime contrast of textures and flavors.

Burratas as accompanying ingredients: recipes with pasta and rice

Burrata is an excellent seasoning, because it adds an intense and decisive flavor with delicacy, especially if the smoked version is used. We find it in pasta and rice dishes, used to add taste and creaminess in recipes such as spaghetti with aubergine and burrata cream, or with burrata mousse and crispy pancetta. There is also this classic melting pot: risotto with burrata, anchovies and turnip tops.

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