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Burrata House is thrilled to announce the arrival of the HERB Special! This highly-awaited panini is crafted with top quality ingredients youve come to know and love from Burrata House and is made in collaboration with Herb.co. and Ojai  Energetics.

With a few drops of the most technically-advanced, water soluble CBD drops from Ojai Energetics, we take the Herb Special from delicious, to amazing for your wellbeing! 

Burrata House is proud to collaborate with Herb.co on this product. Herb.co is a responsible and conscious cannabis brand leading the industry in access, education, and bringing its benefits to everyone, even hungry Burrata House guests! Herb.co explains, Our team of creators, designers, artists and entrepreneurs are proving every day that cannabis enthusiasts are achievers.

The Herb Special is crafted using the same tradition of authentic Italian cooking that has made Burrata House famous. Sitting atop Rosetta Bread, the sandwich is built from the top quality  prosciutto, organic arugula and tomato, olive oil, and, of course, the burrata. While the Herb Special isnt going to get you high, you might still feel like youre in food heaven.

Our burrata cheese is sourced directly from a local cheesemaker and food artisan at di Stefano. The high quality of their products have kept Burrata House customers coming back for more. The cheese itself is incredibly fresh, flavourful, and acts as the perfect bed for a few drops of Ojai Energetics CBD oil. 
Ojai Energetics provides the highest quality CBD products available. Their water soluble CBD oils serve to enhance ones health and wellbeing in several ways. Utilizing only the highest-tech CBD products we are able to create a dish that is both satisfying on the tongue, and beneficial to your health. 

CBD benefits are wide ranging! Some of the most common are; reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, better sleep, healthier skin, and increased heart health. Its a no-brainer why we want Ojai Energetics to also benefit our guests! As firm believers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, our partnership was a must! Ojai Energetics CBD products are already being used in fresh juices at luxury grocer, Erewhon, as well as in artisan coffees at Deus ex Machina, both in Los Angeles. 

In the spirit of leading the way in gastronomy, creativity, and life enhancement we are thrilled  that the Herb Special will soon be available to all of our customers! We believe in bettering our community in every way, be it crafting delicacies in the kitchen, or searching for ways to make all of our food more holistically beneficial to our customers! 

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