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Burrata Cheese Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes and Basil

Burrata Cheese Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes and Basil

This Tomato Burrata Salad is outrageously delicious and so easy to put together that it’s a stretch to even call it a recipe.

Peak perfect heirloom tomatoes with creamy burrata cheese are one of the best food combinations in existence.

This recipe is basically a slight variation on Caprese salad, using burrata cheese instead of traditional mozzarella.

Burrata has exploded in popularity over the past several years, and for good reason. If we see burrata vs mozzarella, It’s also good with fresh mozzarella, but burrata’s creamy center makes it even better.

How to Make Tomato Burrata Salad:

Start by slicing all of your tomatoes and arranging them on a platter:

We recommend to aim for a mix of colors and varieties, and It looks nice to have both big and small tomatoes: Slice the large ones, and either keep the little tomatoes whole or cut them in half. 

Once the tomatoes are arranged as the base of the plate, start layering on the other ingredients. 

First, some fresh basil leaves:

Next, you need to prepare the burrata cheese. Burrata is basically a fresh mozzarella ball with a creamy center. Its heaven. Carefully cut the ball into pieces with a serrated knife, to reveal the creamy and delicate middle.

I cut the burrata into bite-sized pieces and place them on top of the tomatoes. Then, its just a matter of adding some final seasonings. First, some salt and pepper.

Then, a fantastic quality extra virgin olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar. You can also serve it with some crusty bread to make it a heartier dish. Enjoy and Check out Burrata House for more recipes!



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