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Top 10 Burrata House Catering Selections

Top 10 Burrata House Catering Selections

Burrata House is renowned for its artisanal Burrata cheese and a wide range of delectable catering selections. Whether you're planning a special event or a casual gathering, their catering options are sure to delight your guests. In this blog, we'll explore the top 10 Burrata House catering selections like Charcuterie Board Prosciutto & Burrata, Caprese side salad, mixed greens or arugula side salad, smoked salmon & Burrata, bresaola & Burrata, spicy smoked turkey & Burrata, pesto, Burrata tiramisu, and Pomodoro. These offerings embody the essence of Italian Soul Food, adding a touch of rustic charm and authentic flavors to any occasion. Let's dive in and learn more!

The Love For Burrata House Catering Selections 

Truffle Parma & Burrata

Burrata House catering selections have a taste of Truffle Parma & Burrata, and you'll likely pick it as your new favorite sandwich. It's stuffed with high-quality foods, caramelized onions, and truffle spread. And, of course, our scrumptious Burrata is featured! When time is of the essence, but you still want a taste of Italy, this sandwich is your best bet. This Italian panini can also be ordered in bulk if you need to host a party but need more time to cook. Your intimate dinner party is sure to be a success if you serve up some prosciutto, truffle, and Burrata. 

Prosciutto & Burrata 

The time has come for you to indulge in authentic Italian cuisine, and you can do it right here in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Bowls of Italian cuisine, whether served for lunch or dinner, are always nutritious options. If you're a fan of Italian street cuisine, Burrata House's Prosciutto Bowl is an item you must taste at least once. This bowl, which carries a flavor that is both fresh and authentically Italian, is exactly what your heart needs after a long day of work. So, do something kind for yourself today! 

Caprese Side Salad 

Burrata House catering selections have Caprese salad as the perfect complement to any main course. This salad's premium ingredients, including creamy Di Stefano Burrata and luscious, plump cherry tomatoes, speak for themselves. Your taste senses will be left wanting more of this dish because of the exquisite harmony between the Burrata's rich creaminess and the tomatoes' bright, fresh flavor. Our Caprese salad is a delicious side dish that goes with a wide variety of entrees and also makes a great standalone snack. Now is the day to indulge in some authentic Italian cuisine. 

Umbro Bowl

When you try an Umbro Bowl, you might find your new favorite sandwich. It's stuffed with high-quality foods, caramelized onions, and truffle spread. 

If you need to entertain guests but need more time to cook, get a bunch of this Italian bowl. Your intimate dinner party is sure to be a success if you serve up some prosciutto, truffle, and Burrata. 

Smoked Salmon & Burrata 

Do you have a passion for real Italian food? If so, you should try Burrata House's Smoked Salmon & Burrata from Burrata House catering selections. It's packed with healthy ingredients, including raw salmon and a variety of vegetables.This bowl is the perfect pick-me-up to keep your energy and motivation levels up during a hard workday. 

Bresaola & Burrata

Do you need to satisfy your craving for authentic Italian food right this second? The Bresaola Bowl is ready and waiting. Packed with rich Italian flavors and a delightful taste, this bowl is a must-try.

Spicy Smoked Turkey & Burrata

Do you need a snack? You can satisfy your hunger with our Italian turkey bowl. We hope this will brighten your day.If you're a fan of Italian cuisine, you really must try the Smoked Turkey & Burrata at Burrata House. This bowl has all the freshness and authenticity you'd expect from a bowl of pasta served in the best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles. 


Treat yourself to our hot Arrabbiata pasta, an Italian classic that skillfully balances sweet and spicy notes. Our Arrabbiata sauce combines the fiery flavor of Calabrian chili with the sweet and acidic notes of tomato sauce for a sumptuous meal. If you're in the mood for something spicy or want to switch things up with your pasta, our Arrabbiata is what you need! Every bite will be like traveling to Italy.

Milano Bowl

Milan is home to some of the world's finest sandwich shops and cafes. Our Milano Bowl is so delicious that you'll want to order it again and again. Bresaola (Italy's excellent cured meat), Parmesan Grana, pesto, tomatoes, rocket, and a mountain of Burrata are all featured in this dish. You can go right with this sandwich if you're in the mood for Italian food or want to impress your guests without spending hours in the kitchen. 


Once you try an Umbro Bowl, you'll choose it as your go-to sandwich. Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, caramelized onions, and a truffle spread are just a few of the premium components that go into this masterpiece. It also includes our delicious Burrata, of course! The ideal sandwich for satisfying a quick Italian food appetite. If you need to host a party but need more time to cook, this Italian bowl is a convenient option. A little party with prosciutto, truffle, and Burrata should go over well.


Burrata House is a paradise for Burrata fanatics and Italian food lovers alike. Their Burrata House catering selections feature a wide variety of dishes, from the traditional to the experimental. Burrata House's catering menu can accommodate any size of party and any number of guests. Every dish will have your visitors raving about the authentic taste of Italy brought to them by the Burrata cheese, which is creamy, rich, and wonderful. Get the best of the best from Burrata House's catering menu for your upcoming event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Burrata cheese?

Fresh mozzarella and cream are combined to create Burrata cheese, an Italian delicacy. It's a decadent option for cheese eaters because of its smooth interior and delicate exterior.

Can I order catering from Burrata House anywhere?

Catering services from Burrata House are only offered in certain areas. To find out if they offer catering in your area, look at their website or get in touch with them.

Can I customize my catering order at Burrata House?

When it comes to catering orders, Burrata House is usually flexible. They will work with you to build a menu that suits your event and your guests' tastes based on the information you provide.

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