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Calamarata with royal perch and cherry tomatoes

Calamarata with royal perch and cherry tomatoes

Calamarata with royal perch and cherry tomatoes

Chef: Giorgio Barchiesi (Giorgione)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 min of preparation, 21 min of cooking



  1. Calamarata, a type of pasta that takes its name from the ring-like format of the squid, takes several minutes to cook - about sixteen -, so the first thing to do is bring the water to the boil, pour the salt and throw the calamarata ... the smucinatina is inevitable.
  2. At this point, without delay, in a pan we put a generous dose of oil - useless that with the spout of the bottle we go to make "cip cip" and skimp because you have to season the pasta! -, three poached garlic steaks deprived only of the lower part, our flavored chilli pepper - we take a little to do a thrilling thing - and while everything is browning, split the tomatoes in half and arrange them in a pan with the cut part facing down, in contact with the heat of the flame.
  3. Immediately the fire must be lively to make a nice sauce.
  4. Remember that this fish has a very delicate flavor and should be flavored a little; then we season with another sprinkling of chilli pepper, add the perch fillets over the cherry tomatoes, season with a little oil, again a "cincinin" of chilli pepper and coarse salt.
  5. With a few parsley leaves and a clove of garlic we make a beaten which is finer and better; we put some in the sauce immediately and bathe it with a central shade of vinosity.
  6. We leave to cook for five minutes and as soon as the calamarata is ready we drain it and dip it in a pan with the fish and cherry tomatoes.
  7. We keep to tie everything together, pour the chopped parsley and garlic as if it were raining, we serve and complete with a drizzle of raw oil.
  8. At this point I see absolutely necessary having to sacrifice myself for a test ...
  9. Enjoy your meal! 
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