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Burrata Water in Place of Egg Whites in Cocktails

Burrata Water in Place of Egg Whites in Cocktails

Burrata Water in Place of Egg Whites in Cocktails


Breakfast Martini, inspired by the classic cocktail and exclusively offered during brunch, this frothy cocktail features burrata water instead of egg white and gomme syrup instead of orange marmalade, in addition to bergamot, gin and citrus.

Lately bartenders' attention is turning to egg white alternatives for cocktails, from aquafaba (chickpea water) to quillaja soap bark foamer to high-tech products with thickeners and emulsifiers. Burrata water would be another second-use ingredient.

We have been using whey to boost texture for a while. I don't know of anyone using burrata water now, but I think it's statistically impossible for us to have been the first to think of it. 

What is the quantity of burrata water needed to replace egg white? What's one drink's portion? 

We add 1 oz per drink. I tried 3/4oz- wasn't enough.

Where do you get the burrata water? Is it housemade at the restaurant or is the burrata purchased?

The burrata has to be in the water long enough to equilibrate

Is burrata water about the same amount of frothy as using egg white? 

For sure. We goofed around with an eggless ramos and got decent stove-pipe. What I like most about it is that it doesn't break down where the surface of the drink meets the foam, like an egg white. There's a clinical line. Adding burrata water in place of egg whites in cocktails, as it contains burrata calories in it adds up nutritional value to the cocktail.

Does it have a flavor? 

We introduced it to make a dirty martini because it's got great salinity and a pleasant hint of milk, but the high alcohol system denatured the proteins like egg drop soup. That flavor marries nicely with citrus in a sour. It's not a strong flavor, but it's distinct.

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