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Burrata is Appreciated all Over the World: One of the Unique Flavors of Puglia

Burrata is Appreciated all Over the World: One of the Unique Flavors of Puglia

Puglia fascinates Apulians and vacationers. Everyone is attracted to the beauty of the Italian region, its sea, art, nature, as well as its food and wine. Many VIPs choose Puglia for holidays just like David and Victoria Beckham do. The couple is attracted by the Apulian specialties so much so that the former footballer has published on his Instagram profile posts of typical Apulian products such as burrata.

The Best Burrata of Puglia:

The burrata is represented as one of the unique flavors of Puglia at the dinner table. It represents the typical product of the Apulian tradition, that is widely appreciated all over the world. The burrata was born in the province of Bari in the first decades of the 20th century and is considered one of the most delicious specialties of the Apulian dairy production.

Burrata is produced in the Apulian hinterland, in the area of the Murge. Spun paste cheese may look similar to mozzarella but its not. According to the Murgella portal, the burrata has a softer, more stringy consistency and appears like a small bag.

The Secrets of Burrata:

What makes burrata house special? First of all, here burrata is traditionally made by hand. A bag of spun dough is filled with a creamy filling made from shredded mozzarella and cream (stracciatella burrata) pasta.

The burrata is also a product that lends itself to different culinary interpretations, both simple and sought after. The product is obtained through an artisan processing method. The secrets of this typical product in reference to the burrata, Murgella, is one of the leading products of the Caseificio Palazzo. It is made of a soft and rather tasty filling. It meets high-quality standards that make it a true product of excellence.

How to Use Burrata:

The Burrata is amazing because it can be used in versatile ways. For one thing, it can be served natural or offered as an appetizer with a bruschetta. But it also works well with a more rich dish like the filling of fresh pasta. Each dish is truly exquisite.

There is also the truffle burrata for the refined taste palates. The burrata with mint leaves for those who love fresh flavors. The burrata with chives for those seeking unique flavors. Caseificio Palazzo is a proud bishop of this tradition and the sacredness of this ingredient. So with love and deep respect for the tradition of his land, he produces burrata and always strives to make it the absolute best of every course.



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