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🎉 Get $7 Off Your First Online Order🧀
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Pomodoro (Vegetarian or Vegan)


Treat yourself to our Basil tomato pasta, and we bet you’ll never want to have anything else.

Burrata House brings you this classic Italian staple. This bowl is your perfect companion to forget the Monday-blues, or for making your weekends extra enjoyable.

This bowl of pasta is packed with loads of love and authentic Italian taste, so indulge with all your heart! Each of the servings comes with a whole burrata, but you may also opt for a vegan or vegetarian option.

Ingredients & Recipe:

We follow a traditional recipe that is widely popular in Italy. The Basil & Tomato Pasta contains garlic, onion, Italian extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, tomatoes, and of course, a pinch of salt.

Why Choose Burrata House?

If you often find yourself craving Italian food restaurants in Los Angeles, we are here to serve you. Burrata House brings to your plate fresh and savory authentic Italian stale.

These dishes not only fill your stomach but also take you on a mini gastronomic tour of Italy. They are made with 100% locally-sourced ingredients and taste exactly like the original Italian street food.

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