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🎉 Get $7 Off Your First Online Order🧀
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Caviar bowl


If you haven't tried our Caviar Bowl yet, then you're missing out on something amazing!

Carrying the unique taste of caviar and green veggies, this bowl is super nutritional and is rich in authentic Italian taste. On days when you crave some soul-soothing food that tastes like home, this is your go-to option.


We follow traditional Italian recipes for making our dishes, so every time you take a bite, you are taken back to the streets of Italy.

Trout Caviar, Burrata, Organic Mixed Field Greens, heirloom cherry tomatoes, arugula and Farro, Italian Extra Virgin olive oil, Salt & Pepper– these are the main ingredients of our Caviar Bowl.

Why choose Burrata House?

Burrata House is one of the best things that happened to LA, especially for the lovers of authentic Italian cuisine. We make amazing dishes and source our ingredients locally to retain their freshness. Whenever you feel like pampering yourself with some good Italian food, feel free to let us know!

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