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🎉 Get $7 Off Your First Online Order🧀
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Caprese Bowl (Vegetarian)


If you follow a vegetarian diet, this Caprese Bowl is sure to steal your heart. The goodness of pesto, veggies, and the addition of cheese makes this authentic Italian bowl stand out from the rest.

This one is both tasty and healthy, and satisfies your cravings with each bite.


Field greens, Burrata by Distefano Cheese Co, Italian Extra Virgin olive oil, organic tomatoes, basil pesto, arugula, and Farro– these consist of the primary ingredients for our Vegetarian Caprese Bowl. Our dishes are made in the authentic Italian way so that you get the exact same taste as the delicious street foods sold in Italy!

Why choose Burrata House?

There are many reasons why you should order from Burrata House. But the primary reason has to be the real Italian taste and flavors that you will find in all of our dishes. To maintain the freshness of the dishes, we source our raw ingredients from the local markets.

So what are you waiting for? Order your bowl from one of the favorite Caprese salad restaurant in Los Angele, and indulge right away.

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