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Bresaola bowl


Feeling the urge to dig into some Italian food right away? Our Bresaola Bowl is waiting for you! Packed with pure Italian flavors and a delicious taste, this bowl is a must-try.

Ingredients that go into the making of our Bresaola bowl:

Our bresaola salad in Los Angeles is filled with the goodness of natural ingredients. Some of the key ingredients are field greens, Burrata by Distefano Cheese Co, Bresaola (Italian cured beef), Italian Extra Virgin olive oil and lemon, Balsamic glaze, organic tomatoes, arugula, and Farro, and of course, some added salt and pepper for taste.

We make sure to follow traditional Italian recipes so that you get the authentic taste of Italian street food.

Why choose Burrata House?

With Burrata House, you can indulge in some real Italian staples, made with locally sourced ingredients. We bring to your plates the real taste of Italy, right here in Los Angeles.

And thanks to the fresh ingredients, you get served amazing food every single time. Whenever your cravings kick in, remember that Burrata House is right here!

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