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In the mood for some traditional Italian pasta? The bolognese pasta from Burrata House is all you need. The fresh and authentic taste of our dish is sure to remind you of the pasta you find in every other corner of Italy.

Ingredients that make this Pasta Bowl an all-time favorite:

The ingredients that make our bh-olognese pasta taste 100% authentic are prosciutto, bresaola, pork, beef, carrots, celery, yellow onions, and tomatoes, red wine, stock, Italian Extra Virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Why choose Burrata House?

On days when you're craving some freshly-made Italian food, Burrata House is here for you. We are a Los Angeles-based restaurant that brings to your plate the taste of original Italian cuisine. Made from locally-sourced ingredients, our dishes are a treat you'd never want to miss.

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