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🎉 Get $7 Off Your First Order🧀
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AHI TUNA (RAW) panini


If you’re craving authentic and fresh Italian food for lunch or dinner, our Ahi Tuna Sandwich is a must-try. This is your go-to order for the days when you are too confused to decide what to eat.

This delicious panini is filled with nutritional goodness and reminds you of the sandwich shops you find in Italy. A perfect Italian dish, this one is going to make you fall in love with every bite.


Sashimi-grade Ahi Tuna, Italian Ciabatta Bun, Burrata, Italian Extra Virgin olive oil, organic tomatoes, arugula, Salt & Pepper- these are the main ingredients of this panini. We make sure to follow traditional recipes, to retain the pure Italian flavors.

Why Choose Burrata House?

As a fast Italian food restaurant In Los Angeles, we bring to you the authentic taste of Italy, right here in LA. Our raw ingredients are sourced locally, and we import select ingredients like our oils and sauces, so that you always get fresh, yet truly authentic Italian food.