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🎉 Get $7 Off Your First Order🧀
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Burrata House’s Raw Ahi Tuna bowl is packed with the wholesome goodness of authentic Italian flavors. Combining the rich taste of the veggies and the tuna, this bowl is filling and extremely satisfying at the same time.

You could be out at your workplace, or chilling at home, ordering our signature bowl is always a great idea. Drizzled with Italian olive oil, this bowl tastes nothing short of heavenly. Once you dig into our classic bowl, there is no going back.


Wondering what goes into our Ahi Tuna Bowl? The primary ingredients include Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna, Burrata, Organic Mixed Field Greens, heirloom cherry tomatoes, arugula and Farro, Italian Extra Virgin olive oil, along with salt and pepper. We use locally-sourced ingredients for our dishes, to retain their fresh and natural flavors.

Why Choose Burrata House?

Burrata House is an Italian Restaurant and Takeout spot in Los Angeles, CA. Our mission is to bring to your table authentic and comforting Italian food that tastes exactly like the ones you find in every corner of Italy. If on a boring workday, you need something that soothes your taste buds, Burrata House is here for you.