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Baked Pasta with Burrata

This a very easy dish to make and also great for the most demanding palates.

Baked pasta in all its declinations of goodness and with few ingredients is fast to cook. It is suitable for festive meals and all palates because it is vegetarian.


500 g Pennoni or Rigatoni Pasta

200 g Burrata

500 ml Tomato Sauce


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

To Taste Parmesan Cheese 

1/2 Onion


Prepare the sauce by frying sliced onion in oil. When golden, add tomato sauce (preferably with a few basil leaves) and salt to taste. Cook for half an hour, and make sure to add water if it dries out and lower the heat to slowly simmer..

Boil and cook pasta al dente and drain. .

Add the pasta, tomato sauce, burrata and mix together. Then place everything in a large baking dish and sprinkle  parmesan cheese over it.

Cook at 356 °F for at least 30 minutes until the surface is crispy.

Enjoy your meal with Burrata House!

Credit: https://www.inmouveritas.it

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