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American Documentary on Andria's Burrata Product Capturing New York

Andria's Burrata

A key ingredient in Apulian cuisine is cheese, and there is a great variety to choose from. A cheese that stands out from the crowd is Burrata a cheese created only about 50 years ago. Let's see how Burrata is made in the city where it was invented. Riccardo Olanda accompanies us in the production process of Burrata in the production of his family's cheeses in the town of Andria

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 The history of Burrata starts in the first decades of the last century: during heavy snowfall, it was impossible to bring milk to the city from the farms. So, in order to not waste it, it was necessary to transform it. On that occasion, the local cheesemaker Lorenzo Bianchino had the idea of creating a "bag" of spun dough in which to contain frays made of the same pasta, immersed in the cream that emerged from the milk (the so-called stracciatella). He closed everything and carefully shaped the mouthpiece, giving it its characteristic apical shape. Thus, the first Burrata di Andria was born—one of the most precious and particular dairy products of Puglia.

 From February 2018, it is possible to buy the Andria IGP burrata at various sales points and in multiple distribution channels of the consortium brands and the different leaf, tray, and jar formats. Constituted following the recognition of the Burrata di Andria as a branded product of origin, it [RS5] was created, promoting the Burrata di Andria I.G.P. The European Union attributes the Protected Geographical Indication to those agricultural and food products for which a certain quality, reputation, or other characteristic depends on the geographical origin and whose production and transformation takes place in a specific geographic area. Each phase of the production process of the Burrata di Andria I.G.P. is monitored and documented, always guaranteeing traceability and compliance with the product specification.

Credit: Video Andria


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