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Caprese with Burrata: A Summer Appetizer

Caprese with Burrata: A Summer Appetizer

Caprese with burrata, tomatoes, and anchovies a simple summer dish to serve as an appetizer or a side dish for dinner with friends and family!

Today we offer caprese with burrata a different version of the classic caprese prepared with mozzarella. In this case, the mozzarella is replaced with the burrata and is enriched by tomatoes and anchovies. For a strong mix of flavors, it is also very fresh for the  summer. Pugliese burrata is a fresh and soft cheese with a spun paste and similar to mozzarella that is often a softer consistency. This peculiarity is because the preparation of the burrata is first always made from the mozzarella spun paste. The wrapper is more compact, similar to a classic mozzarella while the filling is made with stracciatella that is made of pasta filata and cream. This makes the burrata certainly more caloric than the classic mozzarella. Now let's see how to prepare this delicious dish with a summer aroma! 

Ingredients (4 Servings):

  • 400 g Tomato350 g Burrata Anchovies
  • Fresh Basil To Taste
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Taste.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Wash the tomatoes then dry and cut into slices. Spread the tomatoes on a platter and cut the burrata into large pieces. Then drain them in a strainer.

Spread the burrata into large pieces over the tomatoes, add the anchovies and season with olive oil and fresh basil. Serve immediately and enjoy your meal!




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